Interesting Facts about Online Slots

The Popularity of Online Slots!

Online slots are incredibly popular! Understandably, industry winners, creators and machine gurus have accumulated an assortment of facts to partner the online slot world. Casinos constantly program slots to become better, quicker and more effective. Over time, some cool statistics have emerged:

Online slot payout percentages aren’t affected by daytime or date. However, extended play with little payout is often expected to “hit.” This is a myth, as statistics invalidate such thinking.

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Historically, Super Big Bertha is the world’s biggest slot machine — measuring about two metres wide and 2.5 metres high. Its reels were so massive they required a five-horsepower motor for operation. It even took half-dollars—and its impressive, million-dollar jackpot is still revered throughout the industry.

Online slot machines are governed by a random number generator, abbreviated as “RNG.” The RNG spawns hundreds of numbers each second. These numbers correspond to a reel’s particular outcomes, and spun reels indicate the RNG’s current number selection. Digital, spinning reels are entirely “for looks.” They serve no functional purpose, and the outcome is determined before the reels stop, yet some online players swear the machine’s digital representation is meaningful.

A player’s paid coins have nothing to do with RNG numbers. Playing “quicker” won’t assist a player, and the RNG creates many numbers between spins, regardless of the player’s speed. A common myth attaches to players using hot coins, cold coins, new coins, and old coins. The outcome will never be affected by these factors, however.

Additionally, casinos can’t alter a machine’s payout percentage—which is normally between 85 and 98 percent. Normally, the online slot’s payout percentage is dictated by its creator company, making online casino “intervention” relatively impossible. The time required to change such slot rules is incredible, and a lot of effort is involved.