Home of the Pistoleras!

The Wild West’s Most Wanted are in Town!

Pistoleras online slot offers a variety of new-gen features to show off Microgaming’s finest software. Played across 25 Paylines and Five Reels, this slot spares nothing! Try your luck, and take advantage of the game’s 25-spin minimum wagers. When the Wild West arrives, customization, cut-throat play and great experiences await!

Great Bonuses

Pistoleras delivers a slew of amenities for players. Its high “guns n’ girls” design creates an eloquent atmosphere for players. Free Spin Bonuses are available immediately, as are stacked symbols, high-pay symbols and icon substitution. The slot’s logo itself creates adventure—and players face consistent opportunity with each appearance.

Thanks to its easily accessible Bonuses, Pistoleras pays homage to Microgaming’s high-pay ideologies. With great opportunities, wealth abroad and excellent play advantages. The online slot offers the best bonuses around!

Free Spins and Scatters

The slot also adds great Spin and Scatter options through its Multiplier, Wild Symbol and Bonus Game Options! Free Spins are never far away, and players frequently trigger the game’s multitude of events to experience the Wild West’s very best.

Most of the game’s 25-lines follow similar structure, so players can hone their skills on memorable play styles, consistent game climates and eye-popping features. Microgaming’s best offers are placed in Pistoleras, and players needn’t look hard to find them.

Pistoleras Online Slots-PLAY NOW & WIN BIG!Lights, Money and Action!

Pistoleras definitely succeeds in iconic, western themes! The game’s cartoon imagery, great spin design and consistent game inclusions make it memorable, charming and exciting. The slot is, indeed, a slot for the decade—and the software’s dedications to its community will likely make it a house favorite for many years.

The astounding slot’s widespread Free Spins, giant payouts and great Wild Symbols reduce player risk, and its multiple lines await newcomers and experienced players alike. The game’s graphics are intuitive, and character swapping is met with high artistic value and consistent symbolism.

This video slot is popular for a reason: It puts the player first, and it’s always worth its weight in Wild West gold, excitement and adventure!