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Microgaming’s Latest 2015 Slots

Ariana Slot Machine

One of Microgaming’s May 2015 releases, the Ariana Slot Machine delivers beautiful scenery, exquisite graphics and awesome play. Purple starfish, mermaids, and sea creatures swim about the Ariana Slot machine, empowering the casino game intense action. Hold onto your flotation device, because the Ariana Slot Machine delivers overflowing chests and great characters.

Rabbit in the Hat Slot Machine

Released in May 2015, Rabbit in the Hat offers a magical slot machine designed to target the player’s intuition and immediate reaction. With trick boxes, a slick magician and sword-targeting fun, Rabbit in the Hat will be a 2015 favorite—and its intensive casino action is available at modern providers.

Big Chef Slot Machine

Get ready, and get hungry. The Big Chef Slot machine slathers oven-roasted turkey, juicy steaks, and brimmed crème Brulee with creamy tomato bisque and five-star play. You’d be hard-pressed to find another slot capable of evoking a winning hunger better than Big Chef. Sure, the waiter’s always there, but graphics are never sacrificed for quality when Big Chef is played.

Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot Slot Machine

Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot offers 50 pay lines and five reels of gold-catching fun. One of Microgaming’s soon-to-be 2015 favorites, Lucky Leprechaun’s Loot features bags of silver, shimmering gold, Irish shoes, and a wishing well, too! If you’re seeking the luck of the Irish, you just might find it here.

The Joy of Six Slot Machine

The Joy of Six, an April 2015 release, gives players 30 pay lines and five reels of multi-selected betting options. Sure, players can opt for a 150.000 spin, but they can also wager as little as 0.01. Resource optimization is important here, redefining other Microgaming classics.

Bonus Slots

Sure, you’ve heard about them. Bonus slots are slot machine mainstays, and they’re repeatedly sought after by patrons. Bonus rounds are sometimes rewarded by luck. Other times, they’re entirely systematic. Regardless, bonus slots are incredibly attractive to both brick-and-mortar and online players.

Bonus Slot Payouts

Primarily, bonus slots are associated with bonus payouts. A single big win can generate enough value to cover previous losses. All things considered, a nice, hefty bonus bag is welcomed when multiple games have been played. Bonus payouts can reward thousands of coins after a single turn.

Bonus Round Types

Bonus rounds can be categorized, and they appear in slots in the following forms:

Video Bonuses

Video Bonuses are featured in big-name, big-budget games. Most modern video slots offer video bonuses by nature, spanning from free video rounds to mundane slot bonuses. Often, video bonuses reveal sound effects and animation. A video bonus is a “game within a game” of sorts, where players are prompted with selecting a pre-determined amount of objects. Bonus screen prizes reward cash and high-value coins.

Progressive Bonuses

Progressive Slot bonuses are incredibly popular. Often, they’re responsible for the industry’s largest wins. Progressive bonuses are revealed when symbol combinations release gigantic jackpot amounts gathered from previous play. Sometimes, up to millions are won from online-hosted casino games. Themed slots, too, feature progressive bonuses—and more players generate higher bonus amounts